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We, The People Essay

Felkins 2

Cooper Felkins

Professor Gareis

English 1101

3 October 2014

We, the People

America is looked at as a symbol for freedom and independence not only by its citizens but also by many other countries of this world. Some of these countries are in a poor state, and their citizens see America as where all of their dreams and ambitions could come true. They immigrate here, making the United States one giant melting pot that is filled to the brim with different cultures from all over the world. America was founded on the idea that a person could become whomever he or she wants, and this is why America is so diverse in today's time. John F. Kennedy described America as "a society of immigrants, each of whom had begun life anew, on an equal footing." These immigrants as well as other minorities should deserve equal opportunities natural-born white citizens do, yet most are not granted this inalienable right.

American business leaders try to include all kinds of people in their places of business. One of the reasons we have so many people trying to come into our county is for the multitude of jobs. The American workforce was comprised of about 25.3 million foreign-born people in 2013 (Labor). There are also many other races in the workplace because business leaders are trying to diversify. This would be a great thing for society, but these Americans are not treated as equally as whites. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, foreign-born full-time workers receive on average $643 per week, 79.9 percent of which a native-born citizen makes (Labor). Even many women are not safe from the business leader's pay cuts. Even if these women were white and born in America, they would receive about 20 percent less than their male counterparts (Longley, Peter). American business leaders are technically required to diversify because it is politically correct to do so in today's society. However, the business people use diversity to their advantage. Businesses know that the people will work and that they will make more money in the process by using these minorities.

In the American media today, there is plenty of diversity. Media moguls give all kinds of acting roles to various races in order for their picture's cast to appear diverse. This is known as tokenism, the practice of selecting minorities only to prevent criticism and give the appearance that minorities are being treated fairly by the industry (tokenism). The worst part about tokenism is that our country approves of it. If there is not a minority in a certain show or movie, the producers are usually criticized because of it. Sometimes, the producers will insert a minority into their show due to the complaining of the audience. When diversity is forced, the character will probably be a common stereotype which is not the way a minority should be portrayed. Media moguls are the same to business leaders in the fact that they make...

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