Recurly Case Study

Business Benefits

says Brown, who had researched a number of billing software options in a previous job and was already familiar with Recurly.

According to Brown, it took less than a day of coding to get the payment software fully integrated with the Handmade Tea website. He took advantage of a test environment that Recurly offers at no charge, which allows customization and testing before the software is put into production.

Brown says.

he adds,

Handmade Tea is using a number of Recurly features, which have helped boost marketing and up-selling activities, increase customer payment options and improve business tracking.

The company is utilizing Recurly coupons and discounts to offer time- and volume-based promotions (those automatically ending at a specific time or after a certain number of people have responded). The promotions are not only publicized on the Handmade Tea website, but also on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

says Brown.

Giving Handmade Tea customers a number of options has been an important facet of growing the subscription business. It’s why Brown recently integrated Recurly software with the PayPal payment service.

says Brown.

Handmade Tea is also using Recurly to track month-over-month and year-over-year business performance. Doing so has helped identify and anticipate seasonal trends, including holiday spikes and summer dips. Brown has used these insights to refine his supply volumes and inform his marketing activities.

says Brown.

Business Benefits

Fitzgerald says of the evaluation process.

Access to account, billing, and payment data was also a key priority. In parceling this information to HubSpot’s internal systems and teams, Recurly has become a valuable source of business intelligence that helps improve operational efficiency and customer support.

says Fitzgerald.

To enable this access, HubSpot created custom Java-based tools that integrate Recurly software with its NetSuite and software. Using Recurly API documentation and push notification functionality, HubSpot developers built:

  • An online payment tool that is embedded in HubSpot’s software
  • A tool that receives push notifications and synchronizes all data
  • An importer tool that distributes the right data to the right systems

Fitzgerald explains.

From quote creation and customer onboarding to subscription billing and email notifications to financial forecasting and reporting, everything is integrated and automated. Account, billing, and payment data is synchronized and secure, and flows seamlessly through HubSpot’s backend systems and customer-facing software.

To streamline our operations and prevent problems, we need visibility, automation, and integration throughout the entire billing cycle. Recurly gives us all three.

Fitzgerald says.

The system doesn’t just facilitate payments, she adds. Due to the custom integration, it also automatically activates HubSpot’s software and gives new customers access and login details upon payment. What used to take days now takes minutes.

Fitzgerald says.

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