Brand Transition Case Study

The Challenge

To allow each company to share a portion of existing brand equity, the upstream operation retained the Marathon Oil Corporation name and, due to the visible nature of the downstream company, Marathon Petroleum retained the company’s logo and existing brand identity — leaving Marathon Oil in need of a refreshed brand experience in a bold new direction.

Accelerate the rate of change

In order to establish and align the newly spun off Marathon Oil before its official launch as a new company, we had to concept, develop and implement the entire rebranding program, including the website, within an abbreviated timeframe. Additionally, it was important to engage and cultivate buy-in from its employees and customers throughout this quick and dramatic shift.

The Solution

To shepherd a successful brand transition, we worked closely with the company’s investor relations, public affairs and senior leadership teams to define the new vision, and then engage its employees in the conversation.

Showcase the brand’s energy

BrandExtract developed a bold new identity, “The Energy to Do More,” which embodies Marathon Oil’s drive to deliver new technologies and products with an energetic outlook and unwavering responsibility toward the environment they serve. The new brand acts as a rallying point for Marathon Oil employees to share their passion for the work they do everyday.

Build a powerful web experience

The company’s new website is an extension of the brand identity, with a design focused on portraying Marathon Oil’s forward-thinking vision and capturing the company’s global, innovative and socially responsible nature. The digital presence captures the energetic spirit of the company, inspiring pride in employees and stakeholders.

The Impact

Marathon Oil’s corporate rebranding initiatives were met with excitement and optimism, from both internal and external audiences. After the launch of the new brand, Marathon Oil saw an increase in overall company value reflected in their stock price.

Marathon Oil’s new corporate website won Best of Category at the 2011 Business Marketing Association (BMA) Lantern Awards, and received several Award of Excellence citations for the successful corporate rebranding initiative spearheaded by BrandExtract. AMA Houston also selected Marathon Oil as Marketer of the Year in the Energy: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production category.

BrandExtract and Marathon Oil have since collaborated on further efforts to build on the wave of good energy created by the brand launch, including recruiting and onboarding initiatives as well as regular usability testing to improve the overall web experience.

When two brands transition to one 'Powerbrand'

This Case Study discusses the rebranding of two household names, Preen and Napisan into the global brand Vanish. It looks at how these changes were made and how they were communicated in the marketplace.

As a result of reading this Case Study, students should be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of rebranding a successful product 
  • Explain the brand attributes of Napisan, Preen and Vanish and how these are important in building a relationship with the consumer
  • Describe the ways in which changes were communicated to the customer


Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household, health and personal care products.

The brand footprint

In Reckitt Benckiser Australia, the fabric stain remover market was built historically behind the two brands Napisan and Preen.

Communicating the change to the consumer

The transition of the brands was done gradually in order to maintain consumer loyalty, and involved a two-pronged approach.


The Napisan and Preen brands were selected by RB Australia to undergo a branding amalgamation into the globally recognised Vanish Powerbrand.



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The brand footprint

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Communicating the change to the consumer

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Learning Area(s):
  • Business Environment | Measuring business performance
  • Business Environment | Significance of business
  • Business Environment | Types of large organisations
  • Communication | Effective communication models
  • Communication | Technology and communication
  • Global Business | Drivers of globalisation
  • Marketing | Market research methods/analysis
  • Marketing | Marketing analysis and segmentation
  • Marketing | Marketing evaluation including use of KPIs
  • Marketing | Product development
  • Marketing | Promotion strategies and their application

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