Lab Assignment A10.1 Stringutil

Advanced Computer Science

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The lab notes, assignments, and side quests for each lesson are listed below, along with any additional material.

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  • Lesson 28: Bump ... Set ... Map!
  • Lesson 30: I Think that I Shall Never See ...
  • Lesson 29: Linked Lists
  • Lesson 27: Lists and Iterators
  • Lesson 24: 2D Recursive Algorithms
  • Lesson 23: Another Dimension
  • Lesson 19: In Search of the Most Amazing Thing
  • Lesson 26: QuickSort
  • Lesson 18: Signal before Merging
  • Lesson 25: The Big O
  • Lesson 17: Sorting Things Out
  • Lesson 16: (I need) Arrays
  • Lesson 21: Numb3r5
  • Lesson 20: Polymorphism (4th Level Transmutation)
  • Lesson 15: ArrayList
  • Lesson 14: Boolean Algebra && Loop Boundaries && DeMorgan's Law
  • Lesson 13: Exceptions and File I/O
    • Lesson 13 Notes (and Labs)
    • Video Lesson
    • Lab 13.1: ErrorCheck (
    • Lab 13.2: Average (numbers.txt)
    • Lab 13.3: Squeeze (squeeze.txt)
    • Side Quests
      • Worksheet A13.1 - Exceptions Review (2 Tokens)
      • Create a poster that illustrates, describes, and troubleshoots one of the following common exceptions in Java: ArithmeticException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, ClassCastException, IllegalArgumentException, IllegalStateException, IOException, NullPointerException, NumberFormatException, StackOverflowError, or NoClassDefFoundError. It should be of high quality and at least 11" x 17". (1 Token)
  • Lesson 11: Inheritance (where there's a will, there's a beneficiary)
  • Lesson 10: Strings and Things (well, Objects, anyway)
  • Lesson 12: Iteration Iteration Iteration
  • Lesson 9: (for title, see Lesson 9)
    • Lesson 9 Notes (and Labs)
    • Video Lesson 9
    • Lab 9.1: Fibonacci
    • Lab 9.2: KochCurve
    • Side Quests
      • Worksheet A9.1 - Recursion Review (1 Token)
      • Write an essay covering an example of a recursive process in nature. Your essay needs to define recursion and show how and why the chosen example is a recursive process. (1 Token)
      • When is a recursive method not recursive? This isn't in specific cases, but rather a question of when the compiler treats the recursive method as an iterative method. In an essay, describe the case of when a recursive method doesn't compile as a recursive method and explain why this is the case. (2 Tokens)
  • Lesson 8: (Complete) Control Structures
  • Lesson 7: Simple I/O
  • Lesson 6: APIs and Libraries
  • Lesson 5: Stay Classy
  • Lesson 4: Object Behavior (or Behaviour)
  • Lesson 3: Math and Stuff
  • Lesson 2 OOP, Not OOPS
  • Lesson 1 A Very Very Very Fine House
  • Lesson 22
  • Java Curriculum for AP Computer Science, Lab Assignment A10.2 1 © ICT 2006,, All Rights Reserved Use permitted only by licensees in accordance with license terms ( ) LAB ASSIGNMENT A10.2 CarRental Background: When you rent a car from an agency, the key ring has several pieces of information: license plate, make and year of car, and usually a special code. This code could be used for some data processing within the company's computers. This lab will practice determining that special car rental code from the license plate. Assignment: 1. The following sequence of steps will be used to convert a license plate into a car rental code. a. A license plate consists of 3 letters followed by a 3 digit integer value. b. The license plate information will be typed at the keyboard as 3 characters followed by a space followed by a single integer value. For example, CPR 607. c. Add up the ASCII values of the 3 letters, 67 + 80 + 82 = 229 .

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