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AP World Exam Information

​The timing breakdown:The AP World History Exam is 3 hours and 5 minutes long and includes both a 55-minute multiple-choice section and a 130-minute free-response section. The multiple-choice section of the examination accounts for half of the student's exam score, and the free-response section for the other half. 

Question Type              Number of Questions                     Timing

Multiple-choice                            70 questions                                  55 minutes

Document-based question        1 question                                        50 minutes
                                                                      (includes a 10-minute reading period)

& change-over-time essay            1 question                                      40 minutes

Comparative essay                       1 question                                      40 minutes   

1.  Dr. Hinzman's Website - Very Helpful

​2.  The Ultimate List of AP World History Tips

3.  Another Great Review Site!

Anyone want to join a WHAP study group?
  • Monday's SMART Lunch A in Mrs. Dunbar's room
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  • ​Review in a fun way using Kahootz, AP Review Flash Cards, BINGO, Watching Video's, Slap Game, etc.

Period 1:  8000B.C.E to 600 B.C.E.

Topic 4:  Classical Civilizations in South Asia
Topic 5:  Classical Civilizations in East Asia
Topic 6:  Classical Civilizations of the Mediterranean
Topic 7:  The Americas
Topic 8:  Trans-Regional Trade and Connections
Topic 9:  The Decline of Classical CivilizationsAssignments

Period 3:  600-1450

Unit Topics:
  • The Rise and Influence of Islam
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Byzantine Civilization
  • China's Recovery and Influence
  • Western Europe
  • Mongols and Nomads
  • The Americas
  • Trade and Cross-Cultural Interaction

Power Points and Videos

Period 4:  1450-1750 

Unit Topics:  
1. Europe Arrives and Colonizes
2. Atlantic World and Global Trade
4. Political Transformations: Land-based Empires
5. Political Transformations: Maritime Empires

Period V:  1750-1900

Unit Topics:
​1.  Revolutions, Independence movements and Nationalism
2.  Industrial Revolution, Social Change, and the New Imperialism
3.  The Challenge of Tradition and Change:  Ottoman and Qing
4.  The Challenge of Tradition and Change:  Russia and Japan  

Period VI:  1900-Present

Unit Topics
​1.  The Great War

2.  The World Between the Wars: Anxiety, Depression, and Nationalist Struggles
3.  The Second World War
4.  The Decline of European Hegemony: Cold War and De-colonization
5.  Globalization and Technical Advancement


Introduction:  Day 1 and 2

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