Reflective Essay Using Rolfe

The whole process evolving around his terminal illness, his hospital course, his inability to swallow due to esophageal obstruction has been a big shock for his family. Consequently, they have difficulty coping with it.
The incident that I am going to relate is in relation with Mr. X’s post-discharge course. After this long hospitalisation, he was discharged from the hospital late in the evening on Friday. They gave instructions to his wife about how to use the PEG tube to administer his medication and bolus feed. On Saturday morning, when Mrs. X was giving the medication, the PEG got blocked (Dougherty and Lister, (eds) 2008, 12-56). The district nurses were called for help. The district nurse took me to attend Mr. X. When we arrived at their home, Mrs. X was very nervous and apprehensive. She looked petrified. Mr. X was no exception; he was distressed as well. Both of them appeared very anxious. The district nurse, my mentor started talking to them, and what I observed was worth noting. The visible anxiety gradually calmed down. This was an effective communication, and this was essential in this scenario to pacify them. When I went back home that night and when things started settling down, I thought I would go over the whole incident and find out what was special about this incident, and how this incident can help me in any future incident in the professional practice (Ghaye and Lillyman, 2000, 53-87).
This was a setting of home health care, and from the incident, it was clear that the incident had considerable acuity. I was a student nurse, and therefore, it was a learning experience for me. The major goal of nursing care in this situation, given Mr. Xs advanced cancer is palliation and restoration of maximum health function. I was entirely inexperienced, so I decided to observe what my mentor did in this situation (Ghaye, 2005, 7-37). Therefore, I was keen on observing Mr. and Mrs. Xs ...Show more


The purpose of this case study is to demonstrate how mentoring and coaching have been used within a secondary school to improve pupil outcomes.


Carling School is a richly diverse community, with 49 per cent of pupils having English as an additional language. The school has a pupil population composed of 43 per cent girls and 57 per cent boys; and the majority of pupils enter the school with attainment significantly below the national average. The proportion of pupils on School Action (SA), School Action Plus (SA+) or statement is 17.5 per cent, which is broadly in line with the national average. The proportion of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding is 40 per cent, with 27 per cent of pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM). The staffing profile of the school is that of a relatively young and inexperienced staff, with recruitment difficulties in English and Maths.

The school has received a 'stand-alone' Academy Order in recognition of its good and improving performance. At the last inspection (February 2012), the school was judged to be 'satisfactory' with 'good leadership and management'.

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