Human Anatomy And Physiology Research Paper Topics

Research Topics

At the foundation of Johns Hopkins Medicine is research.

Interdisciplinary, innovative and pioneering investigations at Johns Hopkins are not only the stuff of scientific history, but also the vital underpinning of both a world-renowned medical education and unsurpassed patient care.

A mind-boggling and ever-expanding range of topics run the gamut from basic and clinical to translational research.  Basic research provides a fundamental understanding of molecules and mechanisms that, without offering any apparent practical avenue for patient treatment, involves identifying cellular processes and genetic mutations and revealing breakdowns in cellular communication associated with all manner of diseases and disorders–Marfan syndrome, for instance. Clinical research–such as testing a hypertension medicine in mice genetically engineered to have Marfan syndrome, for instance–applies itself directly to improving the human condition. Translational research–often described as 'bench-to-bedside' studies–accelerates the discovery of new treatments directed at the basic mechanisms of disorder and disease and hastens the time when effective treatments become a reality.  Marfan syndrome is just one excellent example of how finding the genes responsible for a disease, and discovering what regulates them, can lead to therapy.

General Research

Cancer Research

Genetics Research

Genome Biology

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Student research projects are diverse and available for honours, masters and PhD students. Discussions between the appropriate course co-ordinator, the academic supervisor and the student, determine the project finally undertaken.

This selection of possible topics reflects the interests of our researchers.  Other projects may be available.

Art in science

Auditory laboratory

Cancer and cancer targeted therapies

Cardiovascular electrophysiology

Cell biology

Comparative physiology of adaptation



Evolutionary biology

Forensic anatomy

Forensic science

Functional anatomy

Muscle, regeneration, ageing and dystrophies

Neonatal physiology and biology


Oral health and equity

Reproductive biology

Reproductive and developmental biology

Respiratory physiology

Skeletal muscle damage and disease

Skeletal muscle physiology

Sleep science

Stem cell mechanobiology

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