Ycmou Assignment Tyba 2016 Military

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University offers the course of MBA to the eligible candidates. There are about seven papers in the First year of the course. The names of each of the paper are given below:

•    Management Functions
•    Managing Men & Behaviour
•    Economic & Social
•    Accounting and Finance Environment
•    Management of Machines
•    Marketing for Managers and Materials
•    Information Management and Computers

Each of the papers also has a sister Practical based papers. Each of the papers will have a maximum of one hundred marks allotted for theory and fifty marks are allotted to the practical based papers. In the final run, this 100 mark of the theory will be converted to 80 marks and the 80 marks of the Internal Assessment will be converted to 20 marks. Thus each of the papers has a maximum of 150 marks. The theory paper is divided into two sections, namely Section I and Section II. Section I has a total of six questions, out of which candidates have to attempt any four. Each of the questions carries a maximum of fifteen marks. Section II carries a total of eight questions, all are compulsory. Each of the questions carries a maximum of five marks.

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