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Degree Requirements:

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E.)

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (M.S.N.E.)

Master of Science in Medical Physics (M.S.M.P.)

Master of Science in Bioengineering (M.S.BIOE.)

Master of Science in Paper Science and Engineering (M.S.P.S.E.)

Master of Science (M.S. - Undesignated)

To obtain the M.S.M.E., M.S.N.E., M.S.M.P., BIOE, M.S.P.S.E., or M.S. degree, you must complete an approved program of study for the designated degree. If you wish to pursue interdisciplinary areas with substantial course work outside the Woodruff School, then the undesignated M.S. degree is your goal and you should submit the relevant program of study. You are encouraged to consult with your advisor about the program of study most advantageous to your chosen career. Additionally, we encourage you to examine the Georgia Tech Catalog, the many Woodruff School publications, and our web sites to appreciate the myriad opportunities available. You may also use the resources of other schools at Georgia Tech to design your program of study.

You should plan your activities to complete the Master's degree program in one to two years or four to six semesters of full-time study. All course work is elective, but is subject to the requirements for breadth, depth, and level. There are no language requirements for any graduate degree.

Develop a Program of Study - Mandatory for all Master's Students

A Proposed Master's Program of Study form must be submitted for approval during your first semester of study at the Woodruff School. 

In preparing your program of study, be aware that graduate courses are usually offered only once a year and, in some cases, less frequently (see Appendix A). Submit your program of study electronically.  It will be routed to your advisor for approval and then to the Office of Student Services for final approval.  You will be provided e-mails and links to monitor the approval process. If the program of study is not approved, the reasons will be noted.

Any deviation from your proposed program of study should be approved in advance of taking the new course work by submitting a revised program of study. These revisions may be submitted at any time, except the semester in which you are graduating.  Revisions during the semester in which you are graduating must be made on or before the first day of classes.  This will allow time for the review and approval process prior to the close of registration for classes.

To initiate your MSME Program of Study submission, please go to the following link and follow the online instructions:

If you note any problems with this automated process, please notify the Office of Student Services at (404) 894-3204 or send an email to .

Guidelines for Registration

Grades and Credit Hours

Special Problem Courses

Transfer Credits

Petition to the Faculty

Apply to Graduate

Orientation Video for Distance Learning Students

Master's Thesis Process - Mandatory for Master's Thesis Students

Woodruff School Graduate Committee

The Woodruff School Graduate Committee is the academic faculty committee that oversees the operation of the Woodruff School's graduate programs. The committee has responsibility for all graduate-level degree requirements, approval of new courses, and approval of thesis reading committees. The committee typically meets once a month.

Checklist for the Master's Degree

How to Find/Change a Faculty Advisor

Writing Your Master's Thesis

The M.S. Thesis Process and Presentation

Submitting Your Thesis


The Georgia Tech Graduate Office establishes deadlines for the submission of theses. These deadlines are strictly enforced and failure to meet all the deadlines might jeopardize your graduation plans.

MechSE at Illinois consistently ranks among the elite programs in the U.S. and worldwide for both undergraduate and graduate studies (graduate programs currently ranked #6; US News & World Report).

Online MSME Program

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) degree is available completely online. As one of the University of Illinois' oldest departments, Mechanical Science and Engineering has provided curricula and support services for many decades, earning a reputation among engineering education professionals as one of the most respected programs in the nation. MechSE offers unparalleled strengths in key fundamental areas of biomechanical sciences, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, applied physics, chemistry, dynamics and controls, computational science, and applied math.

Degree Requirements

The MSME degree program offers both a thesis (32 credit hours) and non-thesis (36 credit hours) option. Online students have five years to complete the degree requirements. The degree awarded through our online program is the exact same degree awarded to on-campus MSME students.

(The online MSME program and online ME classes are restricted to off-campus students and are not intended for University employees or students in on-campus programs.)

Thesis Option: The Graduate College specifies that at least 32 hours of graduate level credit are required for a Master of Science (MS) degree at the University of Illinois. Of these 32 hours:

  • 24 must be formal, graded, graduate-level coursework
    • 8 hours must be 500-level (4 of which must be in ME or TAM)
    • 8 graduate level hours in ME or TAM (400- or 500-level)
  • 8 hours of ME 599 thesis credit (for those in the thesis option). No more than 8 hours of ME 599 thesis credit can be applied toward the MS degree.
  • Both the department and the Graduate College require a format check for a thesis. Thesis titles should be reported to the Graduate College at least six weeks before the expected conferral date. The Master of Science degree is conferred in May, August, October, and January. Graduate College thesis information can be found at

Non-Thesis Option: Upon consent of the advisor and approval by petition of the Graduate Programs Committee, the ME thesis requirement may be waived. The non-thesis option requires a total of 36 hours. Of these 36 hours:

  • 32 credit hours of formal, graded, graduate-level coursework
    • 8 hours must be 500-level (4 of which must be in ME or TAM)
    • 8 graduate level hours in ME or TAM (400- or 500-level)
  • 4 hours of ME 597 - Independent Study (Non-thesis Master's Project). No more than 4 hours of ME 597 can be applied toward the MS degree in the non-thesis option.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited college in the United States or an approved institution of higher learning abroad. To be considered, applicants must have at least a 3.25/4.0 GPA. All applicants must submit an application form, three letters of reference, and official transcripts from all completed university coursework. TOEFL scores may be required of International applicants.

Admissions Deadlines

Fall Semester: Dec. 15
Spring Semester: Oct. 1

Contact Information

Please contact the MechSE Graduate Programs office at

For additional information regarding Engineering Online graduate programs, contact the Office of Online and Professional Engineering Programs.

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