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AMITYSCHOOLOFDISTANCE LEARNINGPost Box No. 503, Sector-44Noida – 201303BUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT - AAnswer all questions.Marks 10Evaluation will be done for conciseness, relevance, illustrations and quotation of applicable law.1. Discuss the essential elements of a valid contract .2. What do you understand by the ‘doctrine of caveat emptor’? Explain.3. Explain in detail the “doctrines of Indoor Management” and “doctrine of constructive notice”4. Describe the kinds of Resolutions passed by the Board Directors under the companies Act, 1956.5. Define “goods”. Explain the conditions and warranties implied by law in a contract for sale of goods.Answer all questions.Marks 101. Enumerate the duties of an Arbitrator; Differentiate domestic and foreign awards.2. Nagendra issued a cheque in favour of Happy-home, a charitable institution, as his share of charitable3. Baiju, a singer, enters into a contract with Alok, the manager of a theatre, to sing at his theatre three nights in everyAnswer all questions.Marks 10(a) Creation of a trust under the Indian Trust Act(b) A promise to pay a time barred debt(c) Contracts for sale of immoveable property(d) Bill of exchange.BUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT – BBUSINESS LAWSASSIGNMENT –CTick Mark [ ] the correct Answer.and registered?1. Which of the following contracts, in order to be valid under the Indian Contract Act, 1872, must be in writing, stampedsubscription. The banker returned the cheque for the reason of insufficiency of funds in the drawer’s account.




When Mr.Ram Bansal took over the handbag department at RK & Company NewDelhi, he established several important goals for the department. One was toincrease sales without increasing the number of salespeople or the way theywere paid. Unlike some retail supervisors, Mr.Bansal was not in a position touse commissions to reward improved performance. All his employees were paida straight wage without commissions and all members of the staff were union led.He also wanted to improve customer service and employee satisfaction.This arrangement offered few motivational options and had a negative effect onemployee attitudes. In other departments of the company, customers were oftenshown a dressing room “cop” who asked how many garments were included andgave them the appropriately coloured tag. The original sales clerk rarelyappeared for additional customer service. Many sales people in the companywere painfully aware of the lack of personal commitment to their job andcustomers. One employee commented, “There’s a lot of talk about increasingcustomers.” Mr.Bansal knew he had to make some changes in order to improvethe sales production in the department.His first step was to give full-time employees their own counter area and their own line of merchandise. He also increased the responsibility of the sales staff for managing their own inventory and their own line of merchandise. Any salesperson who needed information was encouraged to offer the buying staff suggestions, was encouraged to talk with buyer of handbags. Previously, thesales staff had felt they were not supposed to talk to buyers.Every week, Mr.Bansal brings the staff together for a meeting. At thesemeetings, he emphasizes the importance of customer service and reviews anychange in departmental policies and procedures. He also encouragesemployees to discuss problems and ask questions. These meetings provideMr.Bansal with an opportunity to publicly recognize the accomplishments of employees.


1.What motivational need did Mr.Bansal satisfy for his full-time employees?2.Discuss these needs with reference to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.3.Mr.Bansal achieved significant productivity gains because of a positivechange in employee’s attitudes. What motivational strategies did he useto achieve this success?

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