Com 200 Interpersonal Communication Week 2 Assignment Risk

COMPUTER MEDIATED COMMUNICATION2Communication is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives but can be easily taken for granted. “Verbal communication is an essential part of communicating in our increasingly online world. Mediated communication channels, especially ones that allow us to directly interact with others such as mobile phones and social networks, rely primarily on language to achieve shared meaning”,(Bevan & Sole, 2014). Computer mediated communication(CMC) has now become a common way for all of us to communicate. This form of communications has become more popular than face to face meetings even though it is so new. Many people rate CMC as “less personal, more negative and task-oriented, and more focused on the self because online environments predominantly relied on verbal communication” (Bevan & Sole, 2014).During the experiment, I examined the communication sent to me through phone used forwork from the company. As a service technician, much of my job involves face to face interactions with customers and little is involved with CMC. “But unlike in face-to-face

I. Letter of Advice A. Interpersonal communication is a process composed of multiple elements and skill and practice are required to be an effective communicator. II. Evaluate appropriate levels of self disclosure in relationships. A. Taking risks is the only way we can learn, feel, grow, and have meaningful relationships. 1. Self-disclosure has many advantages in building interpersonal relationships. 2. As a relationship progresses, people begin to reveal more details about themselves and their lives to the other person. B. Self-disclosure is an important requirement for friendships as well as intimate relationships. 1. Self-disclosure allows you to reduce uncertainty about each other and to predict how costly or how rewarding future interactions with another person will be. C. Self disclosure to another person, in a sense you are placing a border on him or her to share information with you to approximately the same degree.

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