Battlefield 4 Dragon Teeth Assignments

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Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth might be the best DLC package since the Close Quarters maps that were released with Battlefield 3. It's not that they're better than other maps, just that they focus almost entirely on the infantry combat side of things, and that is a very fresh approach to the vehicle and destruction heavy franchise.

With Dragon's Teeth, players not only got their hands on four new maps, but they're also rocking and rolling with a batch of new guns. The Assault class got the Bulldog, the Recon class received the CS5, the Support soldiers were given a shiny new Ballistic Shield, and everyone got the Deagle 44.

If you're wondering why we left out the Engineers, it's because they were given the opportunity to unlock our favorite gun of the entire DLC, The MPX Personal Defense Weapon. Don't get us wrong, it's not that the gun is better than any of the others, it's just that it fits perfectly with our run-and-gun play style. If you're the soldier who's always on the move and is looking for a new toy for their adventures as an Engineer, here's how you can get a hold of the MPX.

Not the Weakest Link

This definitely isn't the most difficult assignment, but there is an aspect to it that might frustrate people who don't run as a squad. Before we get to that, however, you need to make sure you meet the criteria to even complete the assignment. For that, you must reach a rank of 10, as well as play one round on any Dragon's Teeth map. Oh, and if the second requirement wasn't clear, you must also have access to Dragon's Teeth. If you play one the maps, this is obviously not an issue.

When the assignment finally begins, here's what you need to do.

  • 2 PDW Ribbons
  • Link 10 points in Chain Link
  • Get "Squad Order Followed" 10 times

The first two requirements are fairly simple. You just need to use a Personal Defense Weapon (found in the Engineer class) for a few games. The ribbon requires you to kill six enemies in a round using any PDW, so if you get 12 kills with it in one round, that part of the assignment is complete.

The second part of the assignment will require you to spend a few games (or one really good one) on Chain Link. It's very easy, just play the objective and this will complete on its own. If you decide to play two hours of the game mode, there is almost no reason you shouldn't unlock this. If you're struggling with this aspect, why not check out our Chain Link Tips? We don't want to brag, but it comes with some pretty fancy diagrams.

If you run with a squad and communicate with one another, the final part shouldn't be hard at all. It could also be done in a game or two, but if you're in a squad where you have a lame duck leader, this assignment would take you years to complete. You'll be playing Battlefield 23 before you finish it.

Squad Orders are something given out by the Squad Leader. Essentially, they order you to attack or defend an objective by looking at it, then bringing up the Command Wheel and choosing Attack/Defend. If you move to that objective and neutralize or capture it, both of you get points for working as a team. Heck, even if you kill an opponent at that objective, you'll get points. The problem is, you might have a Squad Leader who doesn't utilize this feature, and in that case, how are you supposed to complete it? Well, quite simply, you're going to need to hop to a new squad, and possibly more until you get one where the leader is competent. If you're having a hard time, wait for a few friends to log on and join up with them, or turn on your microphone and request orders from your leader. Unfortunately, there just isn't a shortcut to this one, so you're going to have to stay patient and grind it out.

Nice Looking Gun... Now What?

The Personal Defense Weapon class of guns are much like the Light Machine Guns or Sniper Rifles, in that they appeal to a particular type of player and excel in specific circumstances. For example, you could definitely get away with a weapon like the MPX on most Team Deathmatch maps, but especially ones like Operation Locker or even Sunken Dragon. The closer the encounters, the more that 850 Rate of Fire is going to come in handy. Your opponents will be falling to the floor before they have even fired a shot.

Of course, the PDWs aren't for everyone, since some people just really love the Carbines and Assault Rifles. There's nothing wrong with that, but for players that like to move around and get into their opponent's face, the PDW class is an excellent option. It's not really designed for anything other than close quarters encounters, but you can get away with medium range engagements if you're comfortable enough with the weapon.

Lastly, while we're not going to go in-depth with the attachment conversation, there are a couple of best practices that can help you out. For example, if you're planning to go with any optic at all, read our Advanced Infantry Combat article, focusing especially on the section for the Kobra and Coyote. What we will also highly recommend is a Suppressor. The PDW class is not the place to go loud. You should be moving around a lot and engaging targets that are very close to you. For this reason, you will greatly benefit from staying off your opponent's mini map, and the damage drop off won't hurt you nearly as much as staying silent will benefit you.

Head Back to the Free Prima Games Dragon's Teeth Guide

Head Back to the Free Prima Games Dragon's Teeth Guide

With Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth in full swing for Premium members, players are starting to get their hands on some of the cool new weapons and gadgets that DICE has inserted into the game. We've already shown you how to unlock the Deagle 44, MPX and Ballistic Shield, and today we're going to continue that trend with helping you put the Bulldog Assault Rifle in your hands.

Lions and Tigers and Bears Assignment

Getting the Bulldog unlocked should actually be fairly simple, and for a lot of people, we expect that it might happen without even trying. While you do have to own the Dragon's Teeth DLC, play a Dragon's Teeth map and reach rank 10, the assignment criteria are actually fairly simple.

Assuming you meet all of the above requirements, here's what you need to do.

  • While on foot, as Assault, kill 10 Support enemies who are also on foot.
  • While on foot, as Assault, kill 10 Engineer enemies who are also on foot.
  • While on foot, as Assault, kill 10 Recon enemies who are also on foot.

Note: You should be able to complete the kills on any map in the game, even if it's not Dragon's Teeth, but keep in mind, some assignments have proved finicky. If the game isn't counting your kills on say, Flood Zone, just move back to anything on Dragon's Teeth.

I've Unlocked the Bulldog... Now What?

The Bulldog isn't a bad Assault Rifle, but we say that without spending an hour digging up every statistic the weapon has to offer. That's not really our game. Our approach to weapons is about matching a gun to your play style, and the situation you're faced with.

What we will inform you of, is that the Bulldog is not that much different from the very popular SCAR-H. Don't get us wrong, they are different weapons, but if you look at the comparison chart on Battlelog, they do match up reasonably well, doing the same amount of damage and having identical ranges. Where they differ, however, is in that the SCAR-H is more accurate, but the Bulldog has a faster Rate of Fire.

That's where situation and play style take over. The Bulldog isn't likely the best option to sprint through the halls of Operation Locker, but it is perfect for almost any situation on any of the Dragon's Teeth maps. It fires fast enough to not to be a liability up close, but it is also capable of putting people down at the medium ranges you'll often be faced with on Propaganda or Lumphini Garden.

If you're wondering if this gun is for you, the only true test is to unlock it give it a whirl. If you're struggling with the infantry combat that Dragon's Teeth is known for, why not read our Advanced Infantry Tactics?

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