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Korean Soccer Player Denied Medal After Displaying "Dokdo" Sign

According to a New York Times article entitled "South Korean Denied Medal After Political Statement," South Korean soccer player Park Jong-soo was barred from receiving his bronze medal at the London Olympics on Saturday for displaying a Korean sign that read "Dokdo Is Our Land" (독도는 우리 땅). Mr. Park was not on the podium with his teammates at the medal ceremony.

Mr. Park held up the sign after South Korea's 2-0 victory over the Japanese soccer team.

The article said that Mr. Park faces investigations by both the International Olympic Committee and FIFA, soccer's governing body, because both organizations strictly enforce rules forbidding athletes from making political statements on the field.

Link to Yahoo! News, Canada Article

Why is Dokdo Korean Territory?

 Aung Kyaw Oo

Ph.D. CandidateInternational Information Technology Policy Scholarship Program (ITPP)Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP)Seoul National University

In this new world globalized order, disputes and conflicts among the countries for their territorial possession seem to be getting serious than they were in the past. There are four factors that define theexistence of a nation, viz. territory, people, government and sovereignty. Among them, the most basic andimportant factor is none other than “Territory” of a nation. Without the specific territory of a country isformally and exactly defined, it might occur territorial disputes between and among the neighboringcountries. Recent and immediate examples can be witnessed from the claims of the possession for SpratlyIslands each from China, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei; for Europa island between France and Madagaska; Chagos Archipelago among United Kingdom, Mauritius and Seychelles;Glorioso Islands among France, Madagaska, the Seychelles and the Comoros; Isla de Alboran, Isla Perijiland Isla Chafarinas between Spain and Morocco; Lete Island between Benin and Niger (the InternationalCourt of Justice allowed the Island to be the possession of Niger in 2005); Santa Barbara islands betweenthe United States and Mexico; Falkland islands between the United Kingdom and Argentina; Isla Suarez between Brazil and Bolivia; Minicoy island between India and the Maldives; Natuna islands amongChina, Indonesia and Taiwan; Senkaku islands among Japan, China nd Taiwan; and Snake island betweenUkraine and Romania[1].Liancourt Rocks, another term for the Dokdo Island, is the disputed island between Korea andJapan

. It will be hereby rationalized in four ways to assert and officially claim that Dokdo Island is thenational territory of the Republic of Korea.First and foremost,

physically or geographically

, Dokdo Island is located at about 131°52´ Eastlongitude and about 37°14´ North latitude [2]. It is 217 kilometer (km) from mainland Korea and 250kilometer from mainland of Japan. The nearest Korean island,Ulleung-do, is 87 km away from Dokdoand the nearest Japanese island, Oki Islands, is 157 km away from Dokdo. So, in a sense, the nearer a place is to a country, the more reasonable the more probable the place is to be the asset of that country.And this rationality is a positive vote for Korea.In addition to that,


, it can be simply said that the possession of a place can be decided bywho is and has been taking care of it for the last half a century. They are the Koreans who has been takingcare of it and put much historical value on it. So, needless to say, the Dokdo is Korean’s and not for anyone else.Moreover,


, the article (3) of the SCAPIN No. 677 (the Supreme Commander of the AlliedPowers' 677th instruction (SCAPIN No. 677) in 1946) has already defined the territory of Japan and itwas crystal clear that Dokdo Island is of Korea [5] [6]. SCAPIN 677 was twice revised before April 28,1952 when the Japanese Peace treaties were operative. No other amendments were made to variousmemoranda, directives and orders which had been existed before that time. Japanese would have arguedon the possession of Dokdo if they had possessed historical evidences or any related documents for that.

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