Facebook Advantages And Disadvantages Spm Essay

Advantages of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site of all time , it has helped a lot to cut down the physical boundaries , and it has its many benefits for personal or for the business purposes .

Facebook has experienced dramatic growth , it has reached more than a billion users and it is still growing rapidly , and it can be very useful but you must avoid becoming addicted to it , it has good privacy setting as you can start a video call , and upload the  photos and the videos without charge .

Facebook is free and it’s one of the best medium for communication , It can help you connect to different people from anywhere in the world as almost every people around the world use it .

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life , You can connect and find your old school friends and college friends ,   you can connect with your relatives and you can make new friends on Facebook from the different areas of world , You can connect with people by using Facebook chat and the messages .


Facebook lets you connect to different people from anywhere in the world, it help you learn more about the culture , the values , the customs , and the traditions of the other countriesin the world .

Many people specially the students use Facebook chat for group discussions , while some businesses use it for short meetings , it provides a simple and small chatting application that you can use to chat with your friends .

You can sell a product or promote the products or the services , thus you  increase the possibilities of making money on the Internet . It allows the establishment of partnerships between various projects .

You can increase your brand value and social media presence for your business , It helps you to find new leads and client, if you use it properly , You can use Facebook Ads and Fans page to advertise your business that allows you to target people of specific age , geographic location , interests , So , They help make your ads most useful and effective .

Facebook provides many gaming and Facebook apps that you can use and enjoy such as the photo editing , the horoscope , the stock analysis while some people open Facebook only to play the games .

Facebook offers you an email address which works just like Yahoo , Gmail , Outlook , and Hotmail , It allow you to send and receive email with users both within and outside of the site . It is based on your Facebook user name , And you can also receive the files attachment through Facebook email .

Facebook is a source of information and  news , It is one of the best sources to stay updated with the latest news and updates , you will not miss the important updates , The Bloggers and Internetmarketers can subscribe to popular blog Fan pages and keep themselves up with latest updates .

Disadvantages of Facebook

If you use Facebook for online banking , the social networking or other services , you may risk a theft to your personal information such as the name , the address , the credit card number , So , The unscrupulous people can access this information through unsecured connections or by planting software and then use your personal details for their benefit , And they cause many serious troubles .

Facebook users are often suffer from the virus attacks on their systems , Virus programs are inconspicuous and may get activated if you click a seemingly harmless link , So , the computers that are connected to the internet are very prone to targeted virus attacks and may end up crashing  .

Spamming refers to sending the unwanted e-mails in bulk  which provide no purpose and needlessly obstruct the entire system , It can be very frustrating for you as it makes your Internet slower and less reliable .

Thepornography is the biggest disadvantage of Facebook which  allows you to access and download millions of pornographic photos , the videos , They can be detrimental for the children and the teenagers , And they can  play a havoc in the marital and the social lives of the adults .

Many hackers have similar websites to Facebook , They continuously send the emails to the people asking to log in to their account to check new photos of Facebook Scam .

Facebook is vulnerable to the attacks , Several hackers actively alter people’s profile information , Many Facebook users can tell you that they noticed change in their profile information while they were not logged in .

Many people use Facebook day and night without thinking how much time they have wasted on it , and that they could have done more important work during that time .

Your personal information exposed to every friend of yours or even to the public . On Facebook your personal life updates come to the notice of all your friends and others , and so your privacy is compromised .

Many pictures are uploaded on Facebook every day , On opening those virus-attached pictures , you create danger to your data and your computer as Facebook or any other website can’t check for all kind of viruses .

Facebook is a useful and helpful tool  but it becomes harmful if you begin to waste your valuable time because the loss of your precious time can lead to other problems  , As you spend so much time in commenting , viewing others pictures , playing games or doing other stuff .

Hello everybody! Welcome to my presentation today! My name’s Quỳnh and you can call me Ruby Wu

Now, I am very glad to give a short presentation about such an exciting topic: Advantages of Facebook on Students’ life. I am sure that everyone I know owns at least 1 Facebook account. And have you ever wondered why you use Facebook? I, What’s Facebook??? Not so long ago, college students lived in a world without Facebook, the social networking site that launched in 2004 and now has over 500 million users. For today’s college students, Facebook has become as commonplace as school sweatshirts and dreary cafeteria food.

Advantages of Facebook for students lifeTOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Facebook is a social networking website introduced last 2004 and created by Mark Zugkerberg. A Free access website is privately possessed and operated by Facebook, Incorporated. Clients or users can unite networks prepared by city, office, school, and area to hook up and act together with other community. Citizens or people can also append associates and send them messages, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves.

Advantages of Facebook

1. Facebook is social software, which is the reason why this web are appealing to adolescence and university students.
These students all the time correspond or communicate explicitly concerning their lives, estimation or opinion, interests, and academics. Though the majority of us working with adults are awkward sharing ideas or information in open surroundings, the social feature of Facebook creates fun and its rapidity of learning knowledge.

2. Facebook provides us the chance to choose what you desire to share, and what you don’t need to impart, and what you desire to impart with chosen associates. My best friend “friended” me in Facebook.
She permitted me to catch a glimpse or see her status and pictures, except she does not allow me to watch what her associates or friends have to say, “Hmmm that makes me speculate”. However, the purpose here is with the aim that she has power over what I observe or see on her profile or space. Similarly, I can manage or control how much ideas or information I share about on my profile and I can restrict assured portions of information to particular associates or friends.

3. The building of Facebook appears over time. Clients or users can make groups and conversation or discussion topics.
It can be a good way for any students when studying group. The last great advantage of engaging students in facebook groups is perhaps the most powerful, the social influence from their peers. Whenever a student writes a strong answer or asks a good question, it inspires other students to rise to that level. And, they are growing together and will certainly see this growth over the course of the year.

4. FB is a fantastic social networking tool, and can be used to help students communicate with each other about all kinds of things.
Fall asleep in history class and need someone’s notes? Looking for a tutor or a study partner?
Need a ride home for the weekend? Need a lead on a campus job? Wondering where the party is? Moreover, since many professors are on Facebook too, this may be a good place to ask a quick question about an assignment.

5. Facebook is a one-stop shop or supermarket for imparting blogging, media, calendaring, communicating, and sharing ideas or information and others. Facebook can provide “Cooperative Extension” abilities or capabilities to work together and construct our networks in a single place by giving one place without difficulty, imparting ideas or information and discuss subject or topics of interest.

6. Facebook has also proven to be a great resource for high school seniors and others who need information about schools. Need to know what a school is really like? Log onto Facebook and find some school fan pages, and ask students about their experiences. Once students are admitted, Facebook is a great place to meet classmates ahead of time and to get to know college roommates. Since many college students are away from home, another advantage of Facebook is that it gives students the opportunity to stay in touch. Students who are homesick can keep in touch with family members and friends back home.

As for the issue that students are tuning out more serious issues to hang out on Facebook, there’s the matter of political organizations and other groups that have a Facebook presence. Students who want to get involved in campus or off-campus organizations, or who want to learn more about issues and ideas, may be able to find information and a network of like-minded people on Facebook. Ultimately, Facebook is what students make of it. For many, it truly does serve as a distraction that makes it hard to study, and for many others, it’s a valuable social networking tool (and, of course, for many students, it’s both).
At any rate, Facebook has greatly changed how students interact on college campuses in a very short period of time, and until something else comes along, it appears to be here to stay.

7. Perhaps even more importantly, Facebook can continue to serve as a networking resource after college, when it comes time to look for a job. Those hundreds of college friends on Facebook, who live all over the country and the world, will work for hundreds of companies in the near future. That constitutes a significant network.

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