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Eros Poetry Presentation By: Adam Stebbing, Christine Ellenburg, and Kevin Ellenburg Compare/Contrast Eros Biography By: Robert Bridges Eros By: Anne Stevenson Analysis October 23, 1844: Born in Kent, England
1853: Father died
1854: Mother remarried, moved to Rochdale, started attending Eton college
1863: Graduated Eton, started attending Corpus Christi College
1869: Began working at St. Bartholomew's Hospital
1874: Recieved degree from Corpus Christi
1882: Retired from medicine to focus on literature, moved in with mother in Yattendon, Berkshire
1902: Moved to Chilswell House overlooking Oxford University
1913: Appointed to office of Poet Laureate
1929: Published "The Testament of Beauty"
April 21, 1930: Died at Chilswell House Biography Analysis January 3, 1933: Born in Cambridge, England
1954: Graduated University of Michigan with honors
1961: Returned to Michigan and earned Masters degree in English
1989: Published "Bitter Fame," a biography on Sylvia Plath
2002: Earned Northern Rock Writers Foundation Award
2007: Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award Why hast thou nothing in thy face?
Thou idol of the human race,
Thou tyrant of the human heart,
The flower of lovely youth that art;
Yea, and that standest in thy youth
An image of eternal Truth,
With thy exuberant flesh so fair,
That only Pheidias might compare,
Ere from his chaste marmoreal form
Time had decayed the colours warm;
Like to his gods in thy proud dress,
Thy starry sheen of nakedness.

Surely thy body is thy mind,
For in thy face is nought to find,
Only thy soft unchristen’d smile,
That shadows neither love nor guile,
But shameless will and power immense,
In secret sensuous innocence.

O king of joy, what is thy thought?
I dream thou knowest it is nought,
And wouldst in darkness come, but thou
Makest the light where’er thou go.
Ah yet no victim of thy grace,
None who e’er long’d for thy embrace,
Hath cared to look upon thy face. I call for love
But help me, who arrives?
This thug with broken nose
And squinty eyes.
'Eros, my bully boy,
Can this be you,
With boxer lips
And patchy wings askew?'

'Madam,' cries Eros,
'Know the brute you see
is what long overuse
Has made of me.
My face that so offends you
Is the sum
Of blows your lust delivered
One by one.

We slaves who are
Gloss your fate
And are the archtypes
That you create.
Better my battered visage,
Bruised but hot,
Than love dissolved in loss
Or left to rot Works Cited "Robert Bridges." : The Poetry Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Mar. 2013. <>
"Robert Bridges." : Poem Hunter. Web. 05 Mar. 2013.>
"Anne Stevenson." : The Poetry Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Mar. 2013. <>
"Anne Stevenson." Anne Stevenson - Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Mar. 2013. <> Thesis Thesis In the poem, “Eros,” by Anne Stevenson, the speaker addresses Eros' affect on people. Read the poem carefully. Then, write a well-developed essay in which you convey the speaker’s attitude toward Eros' affect on people. In Robert Bridge's poem, Eros, the speaker addresses Eros as a beautiful being with nothing in his face. Write a well developed essay in which you analyze how the poet utilizes literary devices to convey the speaker's complex view of Eros. Robert Bridges Anne Stevenson Apostrophe
Archaic Diction
AABB Rhyme Scheme
Iambic Quadrameter
Beautifies Eros
Repetition Dialogue
Modern Diction
ABCB Rhyme Schem
Inconsistent Meter
Uglifies Eros
Enjambment Steady Rhyme Scheme
Same Subject - Eros
Rhetorical Question
Underappreciation of Eros In her modern short poem, “Eros”, Anne
Stevenson shifts from an ironic tone to one of
accusation, utilizing cacophony, imagery and
juxtaposition proving that the desire for lust
makes a "battered visage" of love. In his romantic apostrophe poem, “Eros,” Robert
Bridges shifts from a complimentary tone to one of pity, utilizing rhyme scheme, apostrophe, and paradox, proving that "starry beauty" may bring lust, but having "something in thy face" is essential to finding true love. Cupid's Matchmaking Game Match the picture with the poem!

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Они сцепились. Перила были невысокими. Как это странно, подумал Стратмор, что насчет вируса Чатрукьян был прав с самого начала.

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