Family Physician Cover Letter Sample

We strongly recommend you take the time to write a cover letter. It is the only opportunity you will have to highlight your strengths, describe your goals, and give the potential employer a glimpse of who you are as a person.

A cover letter should...

  • Answer why you are seeking the specific position for which you are applying. Potential employers appreciate that you have some knowledge of the position and/or practice.
  • Include your unique qualifications for that position. Keep this brief and to the point.

A cover letter may include..

  • A description of your ideal practice.
  • Your professional and personal goals.
  • A brief description of your family.
  • Awards or achievements for which you are particularly proud.

Keep your CV up to date.

Attach a photograph if you feel it is necessary. If unsure, leave it off.

Have someone else proofread your CV.

See sample cover letters under "Related Materials" at right.

Sample Physician Cover Letters to a Prospective Employer

Discovery Resource # S-03

Resource Topic: CV/Cover Letter

Planning Tools: Sample

Career Phase: Search & Interview

Description: Distinguishing factor and trump card!

The importance of cover letters are too often overlooked. A well-written cover letter "paints a picture" of your candidacy by tying together the employers needs, your qualifications and CV in a concise compelling manner. It can be your distinguishing factor.

  • Use this sample and other to craft and evaluate their custom cover letter.


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