Ideas For A Creative Essay

Creative Writing Essay Ideas

Here is a collection of creative writing essay ideas that you can use with your students, your kids or yourself! An essay is typically a five-paragraph or more argument in which you are trying to prove something. When you attach creative writing to the title, you often end up with an essay proving something about yourself or your own life. It's an essay that draws on your imagination and goes beyond restating old facts in interesting ways. Your life and the things that you think up are the facts in this writing situation. Try these ideas on for size and if you'd like about a thousand more, check out my book, 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More.

Creative Writing Essay Ideas

1. Do you think that you have changed for the better in the past five years? Write an essay arguing whether or not you think that you have grown during that time by comparing and contrasting yourself with the person you were in the past.

2. Imagine that you had to prove to your biggest crush that you were more worthy than another suitor. Write an essay in which you show how you are far superior to your competitor in multiple ways.

3. By this time in your life, you may have thought of at least one area in which you could start a career. Write an essay about the things you would have to learn and the internal qualities you would have to develop to be at the top of the class when it came to this career.

4. You are one of the finalists in a mission to go to a new planet full of intelligent alien life. Create an argument as to why you think you would be a top candidate to go on this expedition. Make sure to include both your strengths and your weaknesses.

5. Your parents or guardians have come upon over a million dollars and now they need to decide how to spend it. Write an essay explaining how they should use some of the money in a way that would benefit you, your school and the community at large.

6. An evil sorcerer has taken you and the rest of the school hostage. He has already turned some of your classmates into animals and other strange creatures. He gives you the opportunity to join him in his evil deeds or to be turned into an animal yourself. Write an essay in which you mentally debate which choice to take.

7. Death is a scary subject but we all have to deal with it during our lifetimes. Write an essay in which you talk about how death has affected your life and what kind of role it will play for you and your family in the future.

8. Write an essay about how popularity plays a role in your life. How do you think life would be different if you were at a drastically different point on the popularity spectrum?

9. Your teacher has given you the opportunity to instruct a lesson of your choosing in front of the class. Write an essay detailing your proposed lesson. Keep in mind, the proposal has to be legitimate and you must actually believe that what you're writing can convince your instructor.

10. How would you like the world to change during your lifetime and how would you like to contribute to that change? Write an essay about how you think you can positively affect the way the world works during your lifetime. 

Thanks for taking a look at these creative writing essay ideas. There are tons of creative writing essay prompts and other ideas that can be used throughout this website. Take a look around and use whatever you'd like. Happy writing! 

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Written by Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen is the author of more than 30 books, many of which focus on creative writing and blasting through that pesky writer's block. His books have sold more than 20,000 copies. You can find him on Google+ and Facebook.

Are your so-called “creative” writing exercises starting to seem a little mundane? Spice it up with these outside-the-box writing ideas and prompts…

      1.  Explain why the chicken crossed the road.

Is the chicken fleeing the alien invasion? Leaving farm life behind in favor of a more sophisticated urban atmosphere? Headed for breast reduction surgery? Going out for cocktails? Have fun with it.

      2.  Describe a memorable experience from the perspective of your pet.

What does the family pet think when you strap a tree to the roof of your car and drag multitudinous boxes from the attic down to decorate for the holidays? How might they interpret the addition of a new baby to the family? Memorable doesn’t have to be happy, either. Think natural disaster, or even renovation gone bad… I hate it when there’s drywall dust on my paws!

      3.  Refuse to accept one million dollars.

A far different take than writing ideas that involve the common fantasy of falling into money, under what conditions would you refuse such a windfall?

      4.  Prove you’re not crazy.

This is one of the more entertaining writing ideas to spur creativity: if you were carted off in a straightjacket to the looney bin tomorrow morning, how would you prove your sanity? What are you accused of to land you there? Are you truly only crazy if you say you’re not?

      5.  Someone leaves the bathroom with toilet paper hanging out of their pants.

This is one of the best writing ideas for embracing your inner immaturity. Don’t hold back!

      6.  Suddenly everyone in the world can read minds.

Would your relationships survive? What do you learn about the kind of person you are and how does it change the way you view those around you? How does the world deal, as individuals and as a whole? And if you could take a pill to prevent the ability, would you? Discuss.

       7.  If you could go back in time and alter one event in your life, what would it be?

Describe the event and the effect it has had on your present day situation.

       8.  A day in the life of a pencil.

Copious notes. A worn-out eraser. The sharpener. A teenager with a nibbling fetish. Pencil fights (gasp!). How could that possibly be boring? Don’t be afraid to embrace other common, inanimate objects for further writing ideas as well.

 9.  You can “download” various new skills into your brain, but you can choose only three.

What three skills would be most important to you? Coping mechanisms? Self-defense? Cooking? Medical skills? Dance? Crocheting?

       10.  The pharmaceutical industry invents a pill that eliminates your need for sleep without negative side effects. What do you and others do with the extra time?

Spend it with your family? Work another 40 hours a week? Spend the time Googling or poring over social media posts? Is there truly ever enough time?

Still Stuck?

Writer’s block stinks. But you can get past it with a little effort – though it might not be the effort you had imagined. Try out these additional strategies:

  • Stop trying. Trying to force your way through writer’s block is like waiting for a pot of water to boil. Engage your brain in any other creative, non-writing activity, whether it be sidewalk chalk with your kid or looking up dance tutorials on YouTube, and writing ideas are sure to come.
  • Escape your usual scene. Monotony is the great murderer of creativity. Get out of the house and go somewhere new!
  • Work it out. Exercise is a great way to boost endorphins and relax a taxed mind, allowing creative to flow again.
  • Disconnect. Opt out of being jacked-in, eliminating the distractions of phones and other devices.
  • Go with a pro. If you still can’t come up with any writing ideas, private lessons with an experienced author or writing tutor can help get you out of the slump – and boost your writing skills at the same time!

Banish boring writing exercises, lose the lackluster writing ideas, and start having a little fun with your writing today. Fun, clever, quirky ideas like the ones above are a great way to improve your writing skills and get those creative juices flowing. Good luck!


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