Essays On How Jrotc Builds Character And Leadership

In this JROTC you learn a lot, whether it’s about the military, being disciplined or Being a strong leader, it’s all about becoming a better citizen and learning the reason why we do what we do in this world. It teaches about military, promoting physical fitness and even life itself. JROTC builds the teamwork and responsibility that you will need to have all your life. By ranking up through the four years helps build leadership skills by the positions you are put in. Just like if you are a squad leader you are in charge of about 8 cadets. The higher your position the more responsibility you are given. That is why success in JROTC is given to the highest ranks. The reason I joined JROTC is so that I could build those leadership skills that can be applied to almost anything in life.

In JROTC it is said that the mission is to “Motivate young people to become better citizens,” In order to do something like that we have to have the leadership to teach and educate these young people into becoming better well known citizens. The JROTC program in American High Schools has provided its cadets with life changing skills which strengthen the attributes of character. JROTC Has helped many people become Great citizens in our community, whether you are going into the military or not it is good to have the leadership skills. It will also look good on a job resume to have those skills, because most jobs are looking for someone that can take charge a have the discipline to follow the directives and orders that are given. It is a course that should be taken nationwide even if you are not planning on going to the military, because you will learn to respect people you will Have leadership skills and more importantly you will have better character.

Cadet Jonathan Kramer
Seoul American HS
Seoul, Korea

“JROTC Builds Character and Leadership”

      To begin JROTC’s main goal is to prepare future cadets to be a good leader and to be responsible.   JROTC builds team work and cooperation. It depends if you put an effort in to JROTC because if you just come in without motivation you wouldn’t get much out of it and it would be a big waste.   Leadership is built throughout the 4 years, as you increase in rank you will gain responsibilities, become an officer, a chief, and so on. You start by just being a squad member, but if you really show motivation, you will gain experience and leadership and even a higher rank. Character is a bit harder, its not learned, but gained through the years. Slowly you will be more confident, skilled, and feel the responsibilities you have.   Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive, coherent and run like a fine tuned engine.   The military of the U.S.A. need more people who are good leaders so the military can act as one big unit and be very efficient at what they do.   Leadership is said to be everything and nothing. It is everything because it can be found at all levels in organizations, not just at the top.   All individual behavior has leadership implications, some more than others. Because leadership is based on action, it emerges as a function of participation and interaction within the organization. Given this description, how can leadership be nothing? Leadership is nothing in the sense that it seems impossible to define completely.   JROTC’s goal to build leadership is to keep the military full of these people because nobody stays forever.   So when these leaders step down or are KIA then new leaders must fill in the spots.   My experience so far in JROTC has not yet made a big impact yet but I am only LET II and still have more to learn

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